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(Version 2018APR19)

Subject to the terms of the SCI Master Service Contract, SCI Network Referral Agreement and Site ( this travel policy applies to Company and Site users and is intended to provide uniform guidelines for booking travel of SCI consultants.  It is our goal to schedule travel in a prioritized manner to ensure highest quality of service to our clients.  The below Travel Policy applies to US domestic travel only.  For International travel policies, please contact your Stromden representative.

Non-local Booking (driving):

Appointment locations greater than 50 miles (100 miles round trip) from Irvine, CA 92618, will incur a per mile fee payable at the standard business mileage rate established by the IRS (click here for mileage rates).  Any appointment location greater than 75 miles (150 miles round trip) from Irvine, CA 92618 may be subject to Non-local Booking, Extended or Reocurring Travel policy.  See below for additional detail.

Non-local Booking, Extended or Reocurring Travel:

We realize that each Company may have unique travel and accommodation policies.  In an effort to accommodate our clients’ policies where possible and provide an easy booking experience, SCI supports the below 3 booking processes:

Company Books

    1. SCI provides trip details to Company and Company books all travel directly on SCI behalf.  Meals, transportation and other travel related costs will be     invoiced by SCI.

SCI Books

    2. Invoiced- Pre-Paid:  SCI provides travel expense quote to Company.  Company pre-pays approved travel expense.  SCI books all travel directly.      Meals, transportation and other travel related costs will be invoiced by SCI.

    3. Card- Pre-Paid:  Company funds a SCI managed pre-paid card account per estimated expenses.  SCI books all travel directly and provides monthly     itemized statements to Company.  

  • A non-refundable booking fee of $250 USD will be charged per trip if booked by SCI.

Project Bookings 

For travel negotiated as part of Project Agreement.

  • Company Bookings:  Availability and trip details will automatically be generated and provided to Company for booking. 
  • SCI Bookings:  Availability and travel expense quote will automatically be generated and provided to Company for review.  

Stand-alone Bookings

For travel added to a Director Program or not negotiated as part of a Project Agreement:

  • Each full day of travel (5 hours or more of travel) will be invoiced a $1,250 travel fee.  Each half day of travel (less than less than 5 hours) will be invoiced a $625 travel fee.  Travel fees are in addition to booking and travel related costs.
  • Company Bookings:  Availability and trip details will automatically be generated and provided to Company for booking.
  • SCI Bookings: The below information can be sent to to generate travel expense quote.

     Dates of trip

     Trip purpose

     Registration requirements (e.g., trade shows, events)

     Departure and landing cities (for airfare)

     Check-in & check-out dates (for hotel)

     Transportation information (rental car, for example)

Booking Standards

Regardless if travel is booked by Company or SCI, the below minimum travel standards will be in effect.

  • Airfare: Coach seating (domestic flight legs equal to or less than 3 hours), upgrade request will be made for domestic flight legs longer than 3 hours. Redeye flights, regardless of destination, will be booked at First Class.
  • Hotel: 3 star or better accommodations, late check in & out available.  Motels, Airbnb or Hostels are not to be booked.
  • Ground Transportation: Usual & customary ground transport will be used as needed (taxis, Uber/Lyft).
  • Auto Rental: Economy automobiles or next higher grade vehicle necessary to accommodate number of travelers will be available.
  • Refundable fares/reservations will be made where available.
  • Trip Cancellation Fee: A cancellation fee equal to 25% of total project or program amount will be invoiced to Company for any trip that is cancelled with less than 14 days notice after booking.

Advance Notice 

Company will make every effort to provide travel requests to SCI 30 days prior to trip date.  SCI reserves the right to invoice Company a premium fee for trips scheduled with less than 14 days notice.


  • Mileage. Mileage incurred in a personal vehicle for necessary business travel will be payable at the standard rate established by the IRS.
  • Meals. Meal costs will be payable for reasonable actual costs while traveling.  Per diem of $120 USD will be used for generating travel expense quotes.

Changes to Terms

SCI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the Terms of this policy. The most current version of the Terms will supersede all previous versions. SCI encourages you to periodically review the Terms to stay informed of our updates.


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