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Stromden Consulting Inc.


It is common that a project involving payments crosses several stake holding departments and multiple supply chain vendors.

Stromden consulting services provide meaningful business insight across the entire payments acceptance spectrum.


Card scheme rules, security standards and country regulations are tightening across the globe. From PCI & operating rules to PSD2 our resources can help you plan your compliance approach.

PCI Security 

Maintaining payment data security is required for all entities that store, process or transmit cardholder data. Payment security standards are guided by PCI Security Standards Council and are determined by a number of variables, including but not limited to card processing volume and card acceptance operating model.

Operating Rules & Regulations

Operating rules and regulations differ between card schemes and countries. Merchants, Financial Institutions and other entities that have card acquiring or card issuing operations need to ensure they are compliant with all operating rules & regulations.

Payments Operations

Adoption of on demand services created a new generation of providers and buying behaviors.  From customer journey to acceptance practices, we can help ensure your operations align with how your customers prefer to buy.

Optimized Workflows    

Whether you are a global retail merchant, a Payment Facilitator or a shipping marketplace, drive revenue through workflow optimization and smart acceptance design.

Acceptance Models

As Marketplace and Payment Facilitator models continue to gain traction, pay-out vendors are becoming a common component in optimized provider stacks.

In addition to registrations and amped up due diligence, these models are not supported by all acquirers. 

Growth & Expansion

E-commerce is global.  Optimizing your payment product mix and expanding your payment reach are key to growing your business.  Let us show you how.

International Payments    

Accepting card payments and managing logistics for international shoppers has never been easier.  Expand your customer reach with international payment service providers today. 

Alternative Payments   

Expand your customer base by accepting payment methods your shoppers prefer.  Not all shopping cultures are alike.  Don't leave 60% of a particular consumer base on the table because you only accept Visa or MasterCard.

Contract Management

Bid management and proposal evaluations are a Stromden specialty.  Two decades of provider sales and negotiations experience has given us a unique perspective.  Put our experience to work for you.

Provider Agreements    

A properly structured payment processing agreement protects the payment provider as well as the merchant.  Don't get stranded because of unclear SLAs.  Let a payments expert weigh-in on the areas that can be negotiated.

Proposal Manangement

It can be a challenge finding common ground within payment provider proposals.   A Stromden expert can help streamline evaluations and translate proposal jargon. 

Need to start at the beginning and develop an API forward proposal?  No problem, that's one of our faves.

Industry Insider

Stay on top of industry news, payment 

trends and regulation developments with our market research, due diligence and trade show tour services.

Associations & Forums 

Staying current on all the moving parts in the payments industry can be overwhelming.  Let Stromden be your eyes and ears and help you stay informed.  Through our associations and forums relationships, we can recommend where your time will best be spent to stay informed on topics that matter most.

Trade Shows & Research 

Don't miss out on important trade shows or round tables due to limited resources or unavailable personnel.  Stromden's trades show tours and industry research consulting services are a great way to get informed on specific topics. 

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