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Stromden Consulting Inc.

Workflow Plugins

Update your process without re-engineering your workflow. 

Add one of our plugins to increase application

pull-through and make underwriting teams happy.  Yep - we just said that.



or $366 month-to-month 

  • One-time user setup $250/ea
  • Standard checklist
  • Standard webform
  • Digital data package (download or e-mailed)
  • Up to 20 applications per/mo (add'l app packages available)
  • User access 24x7x365
  • Business hour client user support



or $475 month-to-month 

  • Basic plan, plus;
  • Customized checklist (per Client's provider) 
  • Customized webform
  • Quarterly checklist updates 



or $691 month-to-month 

  • Performance plan, plus;
  • Min 3 user setup 
  • Automated export available
  • Alignment engine (1 provider, add'l provider pricing available)



or $1185 month-to-month 

  • Optimize plan, plus;
  • Client & Merchant user document management
  • 5 Business Level ID Packages/mo (25% discount on add'l packages ordered, any level)
  • White label available
  • Sideb payment vendor network and pricing options available
  • Business hour merchant user support 



or $2210 month-to-month 

  • Platform plan, plus;
  • Interactive, customized webform(s) and management


Are there other plans available?

Yes!  Solutions can be tailored to tackle specific challenges within your organization.  Connect with us here to discuss further.

Which solution is right for me?

Great question.  Each solution is designed to add efficiency to an existing merchant application & boarding workflow - which means your current process will be a factor in picking the right solution.  Schedule a call today to walk through the options.

Is training included?                

Each solution includes User training.  We'll work with your teams to ensure stake holders across all aisles are accounted for.  We can also incorporate customized industry training if needed.  

How does billing work?

The monthly or annual pricing is per User.  If you choose month-to-month, your account on file will be debited the monthly total amount times the number of Users.

If you choose the annual billing option, you will be billed the annualized amount of your solution package for each User.

Special pricing and installment billing options are available for groups with more than 10 Users.

Are there User account limits?

Nope! Don't worry about band width or storage either - we toss in as much as you need free of charge. 

What are the terms?

If you choose month-to-month, you can cancel at anytime with a 30 day notice.  If you choose annual pricing, you can cancel 30 days prior to annual renewal.

OPTIMIZE, PLATFORM and DEPARTMENT plans have terms based on number of Users.  Give us a call to discuss terms for these plans.

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