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Stromden Consulting Inc.

Director on Demand


It is common that a project involving payments crosses several stakeholding departments and third party providers.  Our Director on Demand program allows a client to retain a Stromden consultant to work one or multiple projects across a number of Practice Areas  

Having a payments expert that can bridge interdepartmental and outside vendor gaps ensures your business and technical teams stay aligned.

Director on Demand retainer programs are customizable and can be tailored to your company's unique challenges and projects. 

Practice Areas


Card scheme rules, security standards and country regulations are tightening across the globe.  From PCI, to PSD2 and GDPR, our resources can help you plan your compliance approach.

Payments Operations

Adoption of on demand services created a new generation of providers and buying behaviors.  From customer journey to acceptance practices, we can help ensure your operations align with how your customers prefer to buy.

Growth & Expansion

E-commerce is global. Optimizing your payment product mix and expanding your payment reach are key to growing your business.  Let us show you how.


Our PaymentsEDU provides a deep dive into payment industry fundamentals, how to identify provider types and navigate technical conversations.  

Industry Research

Stay on top of industry news, payment 

trends and company developments with our market research, due diligence and trade show tour services.

Contract Management

Bid management and proposal evaluations are a Stromden specialty.  Two decades of provider sales and negotiations experience has given us a unique perspective.  Put our experience to work for you.

Plan with the future in mind.

Collaborating with a payments expert during project planning can reduce unforeseen expense and timeline setbacks.  Call today to learn how we can help during project planning phases.

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